Exsion On-Premises | ADVANCED

🎯 Goal: building complex reports brilliantly

Are you ready for the next step in Exsion? The Exsion Advanced training takes your skills to a higher level. It’s an engaging addition to the Basic training, diving deeper into theory and teaching you more about advanced functionalities. This includes skillful table linking, creating powerful custom functions, and exploring the most advanced Exsion features.

💡 There are 3 options for a unique training experience:

•online 1-on-1 – customized training,
•online group training for companies (maximum 3 people),
•on-site training at your location.

🚀 Exsion On-Premises | ADVANCED | Online 1-on-1 training | Via Microsoft Teams or TeamViewer

•investment: €349 excluding VAT,
•duration: 2 hours,
•goal: excel in building comprehensive reports with Exsion,
•pre-requirements: Excel knowledge.

🌟 In this Exsion Advanced training, you will discover:

•how to apply function definitions like a pro,
•smart tricks to transform formulas into valuable insights,
•how to create impressive reporting with advanced features,
•handy tips for output to tabs,
•the magical use of expressions and methods in cell calculations,
•exclusion: excluding field names in table headers,
•a practical approach to challenging problems.

Why choose online training:

•personalized 1-on-1 guidance for immediate answers to all your questions,
•quickly scheduled, no waiting time for the next group training,
•accessible from any location, whether you’re working from home or elsewhere,
•if you’ve already completed the basic training, you can move directly to the advanced training,
•live observation and participation in creating an impressive Exsion report,
•receive sample reports for practice after training,
•you can create an impressive report within two hours,
•apply the knowledge directly to your own database.

🚀 Exsion On-Premises | ADVANCED | Group Training for Companies | Via Microsoft Teams or TeamViewer

•investment: €799 excluding VAT,
•duration: 3 hours (from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, or from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM),
•number of participants per training: maximum of 3 people.

🗓️ Choose a day that suits you best. Contact us to arrange a date.

⚡ Enhance your Exsion skills and elevate your reporting abilities to the next level! Sign up now and discover the advanced world of efficient reporting with Exsion. 🚀🌐

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