Exsion helps controllers to easily report and consolidate. Creating reports with Exsion requires a Microsoft (Dynamics) database. When consolidating, it does not matter to Exsion which software you use for your administration. In both cases, Exsion is easy to learn, flexible and fast.


Exsion Business Reporting aims to make your life as a controller easier and more efficient.


Exsion Corporate automatically supports the collection and consolidation of financial data.

HB Software September Newsletter 2021

“An insane multitude of new features.
The old normal will not return!”

Microsoft works hard to innovate and maintain its market position as the most comprehensive cloud-first provider. Several improvements and changes in functionality are scheduled for Business Central and Azure in the near future, as well as a series of new and planned functions.

We see many of our clients upgrade to other hosting environments and weighing the pros and cons of transitioning into the cloud and upgrading to Business Central. Given the multitude of innovations in the pipeline, going back to the old normal is not an option. Which is why we have made great strides at HB Software to facilitate all innovation.

The major advantage to our clients, who have opted for HB Software’s standard and sector-specific solutions, is that they can effortlessly adapt to any innovation, without having to start over again.

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What should you do when the world around you is changing? Adapt here and there, keep what is...


CorporatiePlein is the leading trade fair on Operational Management, ICT and Innovation for housing corporations. HB Software is...


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Business Reporting

Exsion Business Reporting aims to make your life as a controller easier and more efficient. Discover our four complete solutions:

Exsion Reporting Dynamics 365 Business Central-1800

Exsion Business Reporting Dynamics 365 Business Central

Keeping up with the future, at the right moment

Exsion Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Exsion AX brings components together

Exsion Reporting SQL

All your lists are clearly-structured and ready for use

Financial Consolidation

Exsion Corporate supports automatic data collection and verification (budget, realisation and forecasts) of operating companies and elimination between operating companies, as well as generation of reports for the board of directors and management of organisations. Quoted companies and (international) enterprises use this consolidation application.

Exsion on the Job


The philosophy behind our training courses is, that a brief explanation should suffice to get you started.


Exsion Reporting and
Exsion Corporate are used by over 1000 clients in a
wide variety of industries.


Creating software differs from using it, which is why we keep in mind what role our software plays in the work of people using it. 


Need some help? Use our service portal. Our experts are at your disposal and will look over your shoulder.


Frequently-asked questions and tools to help you use
Exsion Reporting.

Our company

Our company

In this fast world, HB knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff and sense from nonsense. What really matters to us, is whether software works for you.


Check out our newsletters, videos and publications to keep you up to date with recent developments in the market.


Exsion Reporting is offered through a large network of partners, who are a well-respected brand in their industry.


We are looking for developers with experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Business Central.


Learn more about Business Reporting and Financial Consolidation

We would like to get in touch with you. For detailed documentation or an interactive demo, please contact our Exsion team.

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